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03 September 2014

Tofler It - Indian company/LLP at your fingertips. Anywhere on the web.

I am excited as we launch our new browser application - 'Tofler It'. Tofler It will show you basic information on any Indian company/LLP instantly as you read about it online. When you come across name of any Indian Company/LLP, just select the name, right click, select search with Tofler It. And it will show you the information page of the company.

Even if you select the starting part of the name, you will be shown list of all potential matches to select the right company/LLP.

Its installation will take 30 seconds - 2 minutes:
1. Google Chrome users - Click Google Chrome. Click 'Add to Chrome' on the new window.
2. Mozilla Firefox users - Click Mozilla Firefox. Click 'Download now' on the new window.

Here is a screenshot of how will it look like:

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