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08 September 2014

Offering Company Profiles

Here comes my quite awaited blog post! We are providing 'Company Profile' reports now. These reports introduce you to the Company and take you into its leadership details, their other interests, holding structure, funding and valuations, capital breakup, share holding pattern, key financials, charges and others. Take a look at the sample report.

03 September 2014

Tofler It - Indian company/LLP at your fingertips. Anywhere on the web.

I am excited as we launch our new browser application - 'Tofler It'. Tofler It will show you basic information on any Indian company/LLP instantly as you read about it online. When you come across name of any Indian Company/LLP, just select the name, right click, select search with Tofler It. And it will show you the information page of the company.

26 August 2014

Email Company's information directly from Tofler

Did you ever feel the need to send information about a company to any other person. And you had to copy the whole information, do the formatting and finally make it presentable enough to send it. Well, you can excuse us for delaying adding this email feature. Now you can email the information directly from Tofler by clicking '@' button on the page.

23 August 2014

Now login to find out more about directors

We have rolled out a new feature on Tofler today. We are now providing a Login facility on Tofler. The benefit of login is that you could find more details about a director, like list of all companies he is director in. For this you will have to click on his name which appears on the Company's Essentials page.
To make login easy, we have enabled login through social profiles like facebook and google.

How can Tofler help you today?

Well, as on today, Tofler can help you search a company, any company in India and provide you with its registration details, share capital and directors. In addition to it, you can look at mortgages and charges of a company by purchasing its Company Collateral Report.
Marketers can also look at a recently launched tool -  Incorporation Watch Report which can help you contact companies across India as they are formed.

22 August 2014

What is Tofler?

Tofler is a database. It was launched in 2014. So that's quite recent. We have begun as an Indian companies database. We have information for over 1.4 million companies in India. We update this database daily with new companies formed across India.
We like to boast that if you can't find a company on Tofler, odds are the company doesn't exist.
What is our aim? - To be a database where you can know everything there is about a Company.

We have started this blog so that to update you - our users and audience about new features we are working on, recent launches and other developments at Tofler.